Blanche met Becky and her friends freshman year of high school, and has since assimilated into their clique. She is known for being the bottom of her class and for being extremely gullible. Her character is modeled off of the "dumb blonde" stereotype in high schools, and her actions show it.

Early Life Edit

Blanche Aria Vuestro was born to Miguel and Suzanne Vuestro on November 29th, 2001. She was an only child, receiving the love and showering affection of both of her very rich parents all her life, going to a private primary school with Claire before convincing her parents to allow her to go to public school in exchange for a (broken) promise to keep her grades up. She never had to work for anything throughout her life, and because of this she never developed a sense of effort for difficult tasks, leading her grades to drop in middle school.

Relationships Edit

Blanche dated Brent for two years in middle school before breaking it off as she found out Brent was cheating on her with another girl, Claire. Never really getting over Brent, Blanche didn't really ever recover, and hasn't had another relationship since.

Instagram Edit

Blanche's Instagram account is @theblanchev.