Brent Chad Bradley was the boyfriend to several characters at some point, namely Becky and Gretchen. He has had several fights with many characters and serves as an auxiliary connection between many of them, connecting them through common experiences of a crappy relationship. He can be described as abusive and a tad sociopathic, often pitting the girls against each other for no reason other than fun.

Early Life Edit

Brent was born to Ida and James Bradley on April 15th, 2001. He is a junior rather than a sophomore. When Brent was seven years old, his father died of pancreatic cancer, leaving his mom jobless and grieving while raising Brent and his three younger siblings. He grew depressed for a long time, striking out at classmates and siblings alike while trying to control his anger. His three younger sisters were all too young to remember their father, and that only made Brent sadder as he had nobody but his somewhat unstable mother to commiserate with. His anger transcended itself into an abusive personality, which he carried with him through middle and high school and which asserted itself in his painful relationships with the main characters of the BeckyVerse. His three younger sisters were named Sabrina, Sara, and Kendall, from youngest to oldest.

Relationships Edit

Brent had many relationships with other characters, which started and ended as follows:

Becky Edit

Brent met Becky at a football game, and they immediately connected. Going out spontaneously for several months, Brent eventually broke up with Becky due to her emotionally abusive nature and shortly thereafter entered a relationship with Gretchen to spite her. This inevitably caused a rift between the two girls, something that languished for awhile before finally being resolved in a conversation after school.

Gretchen Edit

Brent and Gretchen hooked up over the internet, and because they shared several classes it was easy for them to connect. Despite the main reason for the relationship being that Brent wanted to spite Becky for the pain she caused him, Gretchen held onto the relationship for a long time, only breaking it off when it was evident that Brent was not really interested in her.

Blanche Edit

Brent and Blanche met in middle school, and dated for two years there before breaking up when Blanche caught Brent cheating on her with Claire. Both relationships quickly ended, and all three characters were single for most of freshman year.

Claire Edit

Claire met Brent through a friend, and they tentatively dated before Claire found out that he was cheating on her with Blanche. She was very upset and broke it off. She hadn't dated anyone before him and didn't date again for a long time, only coming out of it to date Derek after he returned from supposedly being kidnapped by Becky.

Instagram Edit

Brent's Instagram account is @brentttchad.

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