Claire is a shy and timid girl who went to school with Becky, Gretchen, and Brent through middle and high school. She is the class nerd, and was originally befriended by Becky for the sole purpose of copying her notes. However, since then she has evolved into a solid member of their clique and has undergone many personality changes as a result. One notable feature regarding Claire is that she vowed never to have a relationship again after being cheated on by Brent.

Early Life Edit

Born on September 23rd, 2001 to Amy and Jonah Harris, Claire, along with her little brother Jimmy, had always struggled socially. Not having a single friend besides Blanche through primary school, Claire went to Silverdale Park Elementary, a private school in a very rich neighborhood. Her academic performance as a small child was so exemplary that she took classes three grades ahead of her level. However, when she went to a public middle school they declined to keep her in such advanced classes and so Claire moved back to a gen-ed Scholars curriculum. This made her bored out of her mind throughout middle school, and so often cut class multiple times a week while still keeping perfect grades.

Personality Edit

Claire is very self-conscious and timid, and the model of a perfect introvert. Her friends in the "Plastic" clique mostly find her entertaining; she once was forced to write an essay for Becky's boyfriend about why he should have sex with her. The teasing of her friends only seems to harden her, though, as she grew more and more withdrawn throughout middle and high school. Only once severely acting out when she sprayed graffiti on a wall in 9th grade after finding out Brent had cheated on her, she maintained a square-type record throughout school and is mainly that way today.

Instagram Edit

Claire's Instagram account is @claireharris.