Gretchen Sue Prince was Becky's best friend throughout their early lives. She lives across the street from her, and was her only friend throughout her preschool, kindergarten, and early primary school days.

Early Life Edit

Gretchen was born on March 17th, 2002 to Egeltina and Donald Prince in their small and cozy brick house. Gretchen's mother is mentally ill and refused to go to the hospital to carry the baby, and so Gretchen was born on the kitchen counter much like her five siblings: Jerry, Donald Jr, Stuart, Kalena, and Scout. Being the youngest child, three of Gretchen's siblings had left for college by the time she attended primary school, and the only sibling she had any semblance of a relationship with was Kalena, who was only one year apart from her. Gretchen grew up learning to balance taking care of her mother with school, and as such never did any extracurricular activities through primary and middle school. It was only through Becky that she escalated to the level of popularity she attained in high school.

Personality Edit

Gretchen is described to be a kind-hearted but very shy person. It takes her a long time to open up to someone, but once she does she can share all sorts of great friendship experiences. Those who didn't know Gretchen sometimes wrote her off as stupid, but she stayed at the top of her class all throughout middle school and eventually became bullied on the other side of the spectrum, for being a nerd. However, Becky shielded her from the mean students as best she could and eventually Gretchen rose to become one of the most popular and glamorous students in her high school class.

Relationships Edit

Gretchen's most notable relationship was that with Brent Bradley, a guy who had just broken up with Becky and was manipulating Gretchen into a relationship in order to punish her with jealousy. She has little to no other dating experience, and broke it off with Brent once she realized he was only manipulating her to get back at Becky.

Instagram Edit

Gretchen's Instagram account is @gretchy_prince.