Jason Anthony Carter is a boy in several classes with Becky and Gretchen who has on numerous occasions rejected and made fun of both of them for being terrible people in relationships. He has gotten much backlash from their clique and social circles from this, but also acclaim from his. He serves as a conduit between the "Plastics" and the rest of the school cliques.

Early Life Edit

Born on February 2nd, 2002 to an unknown birth mother, Jason was adopted at the age of 2 by Laura and Barbara Carter, a lesbian couple who took him from his home country of Argentina. Changing his name from Jose Antonio, his parents did their best to make him feel as American as they could. He forgot his mother tongue of Spanish at a very young age after entering the Carter family and soon thereafter became just like any other American kid. His two adopted brothers are named Hector and Igor.

Relationships Edit

Jason has been in a relationship with two major characters, Becky and Gretchen.

Instagram Edit

Jason's Instagram account is @TheJaceIt.