Nancy Eliza Rose was one of the members of Becky's clique of shallow girls in high school and middle school, and has a history of stealing her boyfriends and crashing her dates as revenge for petty things that happened at somewhere like school.

Early Life Edit

Nancy was born on January 7th, 2002 to Jamie and Elijah Rose. She has two younger sisters named Katie and Isabel, and is very protective towards them. When she was in first grade, she is said to have beat up a kid for calling her baby sister a potato. She maintained the same group of friends all through middle school, but lost several in 8th grade as they moved to different schools. This was when she met Becky and Gretchen, two girls who would become her best friends for the next couple of years.

Personality Edit

Vengeful by nature, Nancy operates on a scoreboard basis. She counts each petty thing done to her and dishes back out, getting defensive each time her methods are questioned. She will often backstab without warning to secure a short-term goal such as a date, and burn bridges without thought. However, she does stand for who she chooses to like, and has on numerous occasions fought for her friends or defended them when she was outnumbered. She is fiercely protective of her siblings, and has ruined several people who even made fun of them.

Instagram Edit

Nancy's Instagram account is @nance_theplug.

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